Reiki in Italy

During the Ascension and Pentecost weekends in May and June, I offer two courses at Santa Lina, Pomerance, Tuscany.

Santa Lina is the name of an old Tuscan style farmhouse and its grounds. It is kept by family Bianchi, there is an organic olive grove, as well as homemade honey and specialty teas. Of course, there are a few chickens running around as well.

The course will take place in the mornings, giving you the afternoon and evening off to venture out. All details here >>

Schedule a session in Amsterdam

For the upcoming months you can also find me at de Roos.
Contact me if you would like to book a session on these dates:
March 15 - fully booked
April 2 - options
April 30 - open
May 14 - open



The option of distance sessions

More and more I seem to get international clients, either expats living in the Netherlands or people living abroad. You might wonder 'How does that work "clients abroad"?' Well then, this is the perfect opportunity to explain about distant sessions.
How do distance sessions work? What are the benefits of distant sessions?
These questions and more answered here >>



"Het is wonderbaarlijke hoeveel energie door je heen stroomt, dat voor iedereen met een dag Reiki cursus voorhanden is."

"BodyTalk helped me tremendously. With Irma’s help I was able to diminish my body’s reaction to triggers..."

"Het was aangenaam om terecht te komen bij iemand die op een neutrale manier energie doorgeeft."

Read more here >>


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